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In this compelling episode of the Unnecessary Harm Podcast, host Shane Varcoe from the Dalgarno Institute brings together a panel of distinguished guests to discuss the groundbreaking “Global Position Paper on Recovery – Where Science Meets Earned Resilience.” Featuring insights from Tracey Ford, Dr. David Best, and Mulka, the conversation dives deep into the comprehensive work behind the Global Position Paper on Recovery, shedding light on the intersection of scientific research and practical application in the realm of substance abuse recovery.

The episode begins with Shane Varcoe providing an overview of the paper’s significance in the global context of addiction recovery. He introduces the concept of ‘earned resilience,’ highlighting how overcoming addiction involves not just the cessation of substance use but also the building of resilience through structured support, community involvement, and personal development.

Tracey Ford shares her perspective on the social and emotional aspects of recovery, emphasizing the importance of community and peer support networks in providing the necessary scaffolding for individuals on their recovery journey. Her insights illuminate the human element of recovery, underscoring the value of empathy, connection, and belonging.

Dr. David Best, renowned for his work in the field of addiction science, discusses the empirical evidence supporting the frameworks outlined in the position paper. He explains how the paper integrates scientific research with real-world recovery strategies, offering a holistic approach to overcoming addiction. Dr. Best details the key findings of the paper and their implications for policy, practice, and individual recovery pathways.

Mulka, bringing a unique perspective to the discussion, shares his personal experiences related to the themes of the paper. His story serves as a powerful testament to the concept of earned resilience, illustrating the transformative potential of recovery when individuals are supported by evidence-based practices and compassionate communities.

Throughout the episode, the guests engage in a vibrant discussion about the challenges and opportunities in the field of addiction recovery. They explore the role of policy in supporting recovery initiatives, the importance of destigmatizing addiction, and the ways in which science and personal experience can synergize to create more effective recovery models.

The Unnecessary Harm Podcast episode on the “Global Position Paper on Recovery – Where Science Meets Earned Resilience” is a must-listen for anyone interested in the cutting-edge of addiction recovery research and practice. It offers valuable insights for practitioners, policymakers, and individuals affected by addiction, highlighting the power of resilience, the importance of community, and the need for a compassionate, evidence-based approach to recovery.

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